Barca’s unhealthy French dinner

The Champions League is an annual football tournament organised by the Union of European Football Association. It is contested by many European football clubs. Such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and Paris St- Germain(PSG).

Currently, the 63rd season of the champions league is going on and the qualifying round of 16 has began. This time we have seen Barcelona’s biggest debacle in the history of the Champions League. As it lost 4-0 to Paris St- Germain. This match was played on February 14 on the home ground of PSG.

Looking at the background of these two teams, both were tough competitors. On one hand Barcelona have lost just one of the last twenty-two matches played in all competitions. They have also reached the final of Copa Del Rey in which they will play against CD Alaves. PSG is also not far behind. They have won 11 out of the 14 matches played by them in all competitions, out of which two were draws. They will take on AS Monaco FC in the French League on April 1. Perhaps it was not Barcelona’s day as PSG crushed them 4-0.

This debacle was so severe that people have started talking about the possible end of one of the most influential European clubs of this century. PSG is definitely a very ambitious club however defeating Barcelona in such a manner was very shocking for both the players and viewers. The team has beaten Barcelona in the past but obviously not on such a huge scale. They completely wiped them out during the match.

If we come to the match, out of the four goals, two were from PSG’s Angel Di Maria. The first one came in the beginning 18 minutes itself. Putting Barcelona in danger right from the start of the match. The other two were from Julian Draxler and Edinson Cavani. Every time Barcelona tried to make a come back, PSG just found another gear. This horrible performance has also put the future of Barcelona’s manager, Enrique at risk. Who himself agrees that, that night they were ‘inferior’ to PSG. If we look at records, there has never been a season in which Barcelona has not managed to clear the last 16 of this championship. While they have other matches to cover up their performance. It is important to mention that in the Champions League no side has managed to overturn a 4-goal first leg defeat.

This match is significant for two reasons. Firstly, because Paris St- Germain will always be remembered as a team which defeated the world famous Barcelona with the scoreline reading 4-0, something which no other football team has managed so far in the history of European football championship. Secondly, the debacle of Barcelona which is considered to be one of the most dominant football clubs in the world of the 21st century. This match would also be memorable to Angel Di Maria for another reason as it was his birthday as well.